Porto Pinto Island and the Dungeon Kingdom

Referee: Gabriel

Porto Pinto Island and the Dungeon Kingdom is a push your luck, high-lethality, exploration heavy treasure plundering campaign. It is designed with an open table concept in mind (no defined "player group"), and any deeper role play will occur during downtime between sessions on Slack.

Players are one of the many knaves, scoundrels, and scallywags descending upon Porto Pinto to risk life and limb for stolen riches and a chance to claim the rumored dungeon kingdom for themselves. Or players may be one of the local humans, cat people, caimen, or giant women who have had their normal lives on the moderately renown port wine producing island disturbed by the overwhelming rush of new arrivals. Don't worry too much about the risk to your character's life - corpse salvagers are happy to help get them resurrected (possibly) for a price! Or you can use Old School Knave for quickly generating a new character.

It introduces caimen, cat people, and giant women as new classes (also added to Old School Knave).

Published Adventures/Settings Used

  • None - but I'm hoping to publish this (or something from it) at some point. Any players will be contributing helpful playtest feedback and given playtest credits!

Player Characters


Non-Player Characters


  • None yet


  • None yet

Campaign Session Notes by Date

{Session #01 -07/31/2021}

{Four adventurers met in Decantar to test their fate in the Dungeon Kingdom. Aphrodora, Don Quixote, Santyeg Icewind and Zed all left from the tavern, through the marketplace and into the Dungeon. Traversing the labyrinth that is the Dungeon Kingdom, they found many confusing things, many of which caused significant harm, even severing Zed's arm. They returned to the market, bruised and damaged, but ever wiser, having learned some of the secrets surrounding the Dungeon.}

{Session #02 -08/07/2021}

{Three adventurers met in Decantar to test their fate in the Dungeon Kingdom. Aphrodora and Zed (Arm reattached) were reunited, ready to take on the Dungeon again. A gorgeous newcomer by the name of Fabio Rockswell joined the two veterans testing his long flowing hair and good looks against the savage danger the Dungeon has to offer. Once again leaving through the market, into the Dungeon, Aphrodora and Zed lead the party swiftly floor by floor, recognizing dangers previously seen. Being slightly wiser this trip, the party was able to bring back a decent haul of gold and gems, but not without paying a cost. All members of the party took permanent damage during one battle within, but, they can count themselves lucky, as they lived to tell the tale.}

{Session #XX - XX/XX/XXXX}{Session recap/details/notes - link to pages!}

{Session #XX - XX/XX/XXXX}{Session recap/details/notes - link to pages!}