Carousing in Decantar

Carousing Procedure

To gain XP players may carouse at the end of each session.

  1. Choose a location of Decantar to carouse in (assuming no prior debts) :

    1. Docks (1d6 x 100 gp)- companionship and drink, caimen fishers, crime (not much has changed in the docks since the new arrivals)

    2. North town (1d8 x 100 gp) - expensive highly addictive chemical droplets, hidden illicit catsmint bars, crime, smoking lounges (the guards occasionally break these up, but the highs provided can be exquisite)

    3. Safira's gambling den (1d12 x 100 gp) - gambling games, entertaining, and expensive drink (a repurposed and expanded tavern backed by a powerful merchant)

    4. South town (1d6 x 100 gp) - drink, tests of strength, most giant woman-sized architecture in town is here

  2. Make a save vs poison.

    1. On failure - roll on associated carousing table.

    2. On success - roll on rumor table for a location the PC is interested in gathering information about.