Porto Pinto Island

Aliases: "That little island in the northwest ocean that makes an okay port."

Status: Active

Region: Northwest Ocean


Technically under the authority of the Murian Mageocracy, Porto Pinto has governed itself without any outside intervention for centuries. The island has also been largely ignored by other powers due to its relative isolation.

Inhabitants and Geography

The island has regular small earthquakes that occur almost weekly.

Much of the island has been turned into grapevine fields.

Caimen and giant women were the original inhabitants of Porto Pinto Island.

Rumors and Legends

Near the Terroir mountains, just next to Decantar, a cavern opened during an earthquake. Out from the cavern crawled an emaciated man, some say spirit, that said to the gathered onlookers, "Please, set my kingdom free from its curse and I will bestow it upon you..." before disappearing in the wind. Some claim the man had kingly features and wore a crown that made one of the onlookers very wealthy.