Handling Various Combat Situations

The purpose of this page...

Is to track how we handle various (usually more unique) combat situations that arise during play.

All of these rules are up to the referee's discretion and ruled within reason for the scenario at hand - this list is merely a reference to help with consistency whenever possible.

Willing loss of limbs in battlefield surgery scenario

  • If a PC chooses to undergo the willing loss of a limb or extremity in a battlefield surgery scenario it is considered to be an auto-success with no loss of hp, provided the means to do so and provide immediate aftercare are available.

    • Example: A PC with an arm just infested by rot grubs chooses to have it severed before the grubs reach their heart and kill them. A fellow party member severs the infested arm with a sword and another party member uses magical healing immediately after to care for the wound.

    • Philosophy: Hp is an abstraction for tracking harm in combat and adventuring risks (e.g. interaction with traps).

Sundered Shields

  • Sacrificing a shield: A PC may choose to sacrifice a shield to entirely negate one hit.

    • Philosophy: Shields are mean't to be broken and this gives players an interesting choice in combat.

  • Sacrificing a magic shield: The modifier to AC is the number of times you can use the shield to absorb a hit per day. When the magic shield is used one more time beyond this number it is sundered.

    • Example: A magic shield +2 can absorb 2 hits a day. But if the bearer of the shield uses it a third time, it breaks apart.

Announcing Spell-casting in Combat

  • Before rolling initiative: Any creature intending to cast a spell that round must declare they will be casting a spell.

  • Spell interruption: Occurs if the spell caster is injured or otherwise disrupted while casting the spell.

    • Philosophy: It is beneficial to players (and their opponents) to know when a foe is preparing to cast a spell so they can prioritize accordingly.

    • Example: Mazirian the magic-user, a PC, declares they will be casting a spell (they need not say it's name) against the bandits surrounding their party. Initiative is rolled, and the party loses - this gives the bandits an opportunity to attempt interrupting Mazirian.