Fabio Rockswell

Aliases: "CinnaMan"

Status: Active

Age: 24

Born: 8/7

Residence: Decantar

Occupation: Male model and part-time DJ

Class and Level: Barbarian / 1

Alignment: Chaotic good

Physical Description: 6'2", ripped physique, chiseled face, glowing skin, sensual eyes, and long soft flowing hair.

Player: Scott Werley

History and Style

Fabio has survived by means of his sexy good looks and renowned swagger. He sold off his family heirloom chainmail armor a few years back and refuses to wear clothing that covers his chest, shoulders, and biceps.

Fabio wears a zebra striped backpack and matching belt pouch which contain all of his weapons, trinkets, and collectibles. He often walks around with two hands on his sword "Doomslayer," which is adorned with faux golden embellishments, ready to making a striking pose in a moments notice.

It is rumored
Fabio is working on some new looks that he considers to be "special moves." What these are, and what they mean, no one really knows for sure.

Personality and Traits

Fabio wears as little clothing as possible. He is often caught off guard staring into his hand mirror at inopportune times. He also loves showing off his signet ring stamped with the family crest of Zoolander, his favorite model, patron saint, and religious figure.

Fabio is currently unable to read or write, and speaks in a narcissistic tone to everyone he comes across. He is self-absorbed, but friendly. He has been dismissed in the past. His favorite animal is the zebra and often pretends he is one.

Fabio's ailments include: cake, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon sugar donuts, anything with cinnamon sugar.

Abilities, Magic, and Other Powers

Fabio is deathly afraid of the arcane arts. He immediately turns into a scared child upon witnessing spells being cast. However, he does love fire and is known to use fire-based items as weapons. He especially enjoys carrying torches in dark caverns as it allows his fellow party members to see the light dancing off of his muscular build.

Fabio can cure poison with wild herbs and is a decent forager. He's been known to climb sheer surfaces, hide, and move silently in response to challenging situations.


"I like to keep my options open."

Fabio is convinced everyone is secretly in love with him and admires him.

Memorable Quotes

"I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is."