Zoltan of a Thousand Doors

Portal jumping while trying to escape a decaying cosmic desert.

About the Campaign

Zoltan of a Thousand Doors is an open table, sci-fi western D&D campaign run by Colin Lor. It is played in-person using a homebrewed ruleset called Classless Legends: a D&D adjacent OSR where your character grows by the skills they use in an unlimited amount of directions.


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Prompted by Colin Lor using StarryAI


In the middle of a scattered nebula full of stars, asteroids, and cosmic dust; sits the remains of a slowly collapsing planet. Towards its most fragile point, a crumbling peninsula houses a few jagged peaks that shadow an otherwise peaceful valley. And at the center of the valley is Zoltan, a town formed by the unfortunate few who walked through the wrong door.

The only nearby natural resources for the town of 150 is the black murky river. A densely flowing opaque stream 1000' below the town to the north. A filter and pump house carries potable water up to the town. All other resources are found by visiting the realms beyond the doors.

The small town has no true form of government. A few leaders have stepped forward, supported by their piers, to help shape the direction of the town. Each has their own ideas and agendas, yet all agree, hard work must be done to ensure the survival of the town. Without the use of magic. For that is what brought everyone to these desolate lands, and there is nothing worse than throwing water on an oil fire.

South: The Drag of Destruction

Everything in the nebula is being gradually pulled in this direction, including the planet itself.

The road from the town, if you want to call it a road, climbs the steep valley towards the end of the peninsula. Very slowly the land cracks and breaks, splintering off into space.

A myriad of doors surrounds the road and on the sharp hilltops towards the land’s end. Some are easily accessible while others would require a strenuous climb to reach. There are even a few doors that stand on the broken shards of land that are progressively floating away.

East: The Fledgling Sun

To the east, a blue hazy nebula blankets the horizon. Shimmering through is a turquoise sun that never truly rises or sets. Some of the townsfolk believe this is a star being born.

West: The Falling Star of Abandon

To the west, high in the sky, a comet lights up the sky, it is ever present as it decays. The only respite from its light comes from the bellows of black clouds from the mountain to the north.

Smaller jagged hilltops and shattered parts of the planet can be seen below the comet.

North: The Black Mountain

Down the hill not too far from the town, winds the black murky river. If one were to follow against the river flow, they would start climbing into the jagged mountains. None venture too far up though, as there are giant bugs that will gladly prey on an unsuspecting wanderers.

Every so often, the winds howl down from the mountains, bringing a magnetic storm that ceases anything mechanical or electronic until it passes. Sometimes the bugs use these storms as cover to attack the town.

Town Decrees

  1. Magic is forbidden. The wild magic surges are too dangerous.

  2. Newcomers are given grace. None intend to step through a door, learning of your new life is not easy.

  3. Do not venture alone. There is safety in numbers.

  4. Respect the door markers. If you believe a door marker needs to be changed, it may only be done so through a vote.

  5. Diplomacy and information are our key assets. Our trade partners are our livelihood, treat them with respect, do not transgress.

Town Bells

Rung from the tower above the Town Hall.

  1. General Meeting

  2. Feast / Party / Celebration

  3. Storm

  4. Newcomer

  5. Mandatory Meeting

  6. Danger

Door Markers

  • ♡ Friendly

  • ⇄ Trade Partner

  • ⤧ Unfriendly

  • ∅ Dangerous

  • ⍋ Forage

  • ♉ Hunt

  • ※ Unusual Customs

  • ☆ Magic

  • Tech

  • 🔥 Hot

  • ❄ Cold


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