The Bank

Depositing at the Bank

Excess gold and valuables not carried by the PC must be stored in the bank, unless they have property in which they feel secure storing their valuables.

  • Storing gold: The bank requires a 10% cut for any gold stored. The 10% counts towards XP gain. This is charged only once per deposit.

    • Example 1 - depositing wealth: Barbara the giant woman wants to deposit 420 gp worth of valuables to the bank. Barbara's bank already has 666 gp stored. To deposit the 420 gp it costs Barbara a one-time fee of 42 gp.

  • Storing items: May be done by purchasing a bank lockbox for a one-time fee of 100 gp. A lockbox can store 5 slots worth of items and will always remain available to the PC. Any number of bank lockboxes can be purchased.

    • Example 2 - depositing items: Barbara the giant woman also has a two-handed sword they don't want to risk misplacing while carousing. Barbara does not already have a bank lockbox and pays the bank a one-time fee of 100 gp to purchase one. Storing the two-handed sword (3 slots) leaves 2 slots remaining in the lockbox to be used.

Note: Not storing gold or other valuables at a bank makes it more susceptible to potential loss during carousing!