D&D Campaigns

Tools Used in Our Games

  1. X-Card Safety Tool

we prioritize maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for all players in our games
  1. Old-School Essentials System Resource Document

our preferred Old-School Renaissance (OSR) roleplaying game system rules wiki - based on Basic/Expert Edition Dungeons & Dragons (OSE for short)
  1. Old-School Essentials Generators

OSE random tables for encounters, treasure, NPCs, etc.
  1. Old-School Knave Character Generator

generates OSE characters with some Knave mechanics (e.g. slot-based encumbrance)
  1. Old-School Spellbook Generator

generates random OSE magic-user and illusionist class spellbooks
  1. Spotify Remote Group Sessions

used for providing ambient sound or music during our games
  1. Aglet Timekeeper

you can not have a meaningful campaign if strict time records are not kept
  1. Google Jamboard

for quick and dirty shared play space visualizations
  1. Google Meet and Jitsi

our preferred video call options