Source Materials

As the amount of referees, keepers, game and dungeon masters has grown in our group we have found it useful to track what source materials have been used to run or facilitate our games (sorted by system and annotated with what game or campaign).

Agnostic or System Neutral

  • Gardens of Ynn (Barrowmaze)

  • The Rot Beneath Winterbrook (Zoltan of a Thousand Doors)

  • The Tomb of the Donkey God (One-shot, 2019)

  • Trillemma Adventures

    • The Oracel's Decree (Barrowmaze)

    • Can't Sleep-Clowns Will Eat Me (One-shot, 2020)

  • Yoon-Suin, the Purple Land (Barrowmaze)

Dungeons & Dragons (all editions)

  • Against the Giants (Barrowmaze)

  • Anomalous Subsurface Environment (Barrowmaze)

  • The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh (Barrowmaze)

  • White Plume Mountain (Barrowmaze)

Forbidden Lands

  • Spire of Quetzel (title)

    • Graveyard of Thunder (Barrowmaze)

    • Spire of Quetzel (Barrowmaze)


  • The Death Ziggurat (Halloween, 2021)


  • None

Old-School Essentials

  • Dreamhaven, aka Planar Compass Vol.1 (Barrowmaze)

  • Hole Under the Oak (Barrowmaze)