Revival of the Red Cutlass Cavaliers



Join the recently re-incorporated Red Cutlass Cavaliers mercenary co-operative as a battlemech pilot. Navigate the transition from employee to part-owner together with your mercenary crew in a future dystopian universe of incessant war.

Narrative campaign?

Battletech is a tabletop miniature game that simulates combat between futuristic mechanized forces. Players will work together in leading the Red Cutlass Cavaliers on the battlefield in their own battlemechs or vehicles in the hopes of attaining mission and financial success. Between missions (game sessions) players will make decisions about how to manage their battlemechs, vehicles, crew, NPC relationships, and choose/plan for future missions.

The referee controls the battlefield conditions, opposing forces (OPFOR), NPCs, and prepares missions for players to participate in and choose from.

Missions typically last ~45min, but could go longer depending on player turnout, objectives, etc.


In 2108, humanity began colonizing the stars. Their reach would eventually span a vast region of space known as the Inner Sphere. During its golden age, under the governance of the Star League, the Inner Sphere experienced unprecedented peace, prosperity, and technological advancement.

But with a great rise comes a great fall. Beset by greed and mistrust, humanity splintered. The Star League crumbled. Technological advancement slowed. The Great Houses, each vying for supremacy, turned on one another - engaging in a series of conflicts known as The Succession Wars.

Amidst this chaos, mercenaries became the proxy forces of the Great Houses. Numerous battlefields sprung up across the Inner Sphere, dominated by hulking war machines known as battlemechs. The year is now 3015 and these steel behemoths have become the tools of the mercenary's trade. It's a lucrative time but one beset with perils of all kinds.

Only the most skilled and brave among them will rise to become legend.

Referee: Gabriel

Pilots and Injuries

Injuries: 0/6

Callsign: Bluesy

Skills: 3/4

Injuries: 0/6

Callsign: Schrek Tank Crew Charlie (ex-PSF)

Skills: 4/4

Injuries: 2/6

Injuries: 0/6

Callsign: Lt. Dan (ex-PSF)

Skills: 4/4

Injuries: 3/6

Injuries: 0/6

Callsign: Manticore Tank Crew Foxtrot (ex-PSF)

Skills: 4/4

Injuries: 2/6

Injuries: 0/6

Callsign: Manticore Tank Crew Papa (ex-PSF)

Skills: 4/4

Injuries: 2/6

Mission Briefings and Messages

(most recent first)

Warchest Point Total: 1122

Warchest Purchase Options

Warchest Purchase Options

* It is possible to repair only external armor.

** Repairing internal armor also removes critical roll results that have accumulated. A unit whose internal structure has been reduced to 0 cannot be repaired.

*** A unit must be fully repaired before it can be sold.

**** see Pilot Injuries and Recovery Rules


Pilot Injuries and Recovery Rules

Market (50% off employer discount accounted for below)

Weight: 45T 

Cost: 225 WP

Weight: 50

Cost: 300 WP (sl = mostly original Star League-era tech, increases value)

Weight: 60T 

Cost: 300 WP

Weight: 65

Cost: 325 WP

Weight: 70

Cost: 350 WP

Weight: 80T 

Cost: 400 WP

Weight: 80T 

Cost: 400 WP

Weight: 95

Cost: 475 WP

Hiring Network (50% off employer discount accounted for below)

NOTE: newly hired pilots do not, and will not ever, have special pilot abilities

Callsign: Grimace

Cost: 25 WP

Gunnery/Piloting Skill: 4/5

Automated OpFor Tactics

Inner Sphere ~3025