Corpse Salvagers

Aliases: Dungeon angels, body retrievers

Status: Active

Base of Operations: Decantar

Leader(s): ???

Formed: ???

Alignment: Neutral


  • Various temples of Decantar

Enemies: None


The rush of adventurers, many of which are plucky amateurs, to plunder the dungeon kingdom has lead to a new profession known as corpse salvagers. They venture into the dungeon and retrieve the bodies of the deceased for resurrection at the local temples of Decantar or place them in storage until the deceased can be identified. In doing so, the individual recovered and/or raised from the dead is financially indebted to the corpse salvagers.

The costs of a resurrection are determined by the temple (or individual) providing the service.

Corpse salvagers typically charge:

  • 200 gp x Number of Corpses x Dungeon Depth



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