Aliases: None

Status: Active

Type: Town

Denizens: Humans, Demi-humans

Government: Mayor

Ruler: Zeferino Ramos VII

Notable Laws or Customs:

  • No sleeping on the streets. If you cannot afford a room, you must sleep outside away from the town and private property.

  • Laws are not enforced in the dungeon kingdom.

Population: ~1,000 (and growing)


Traditionally known for its export of port wine. Generations of families used to devote themselves to the farming and production of this export.

Since the opening of the dungeon kingdom, the traditional ways of life in the town have given way to supporting a gold rush-like environment. Even food and basic goods have become exorbitantly expensive as the treasure extracted from the dungeon kingdom causes wild inflation in Decantar.

Inhabitants and Geography

Humans, cat people, caimen, and giant women cohabit Decantar. It is a claustrophobic and loud town.

Rumors and Legends

Near the Terroir mountains, just next to Decantar, a cavern opened during an earthquake. Out from the cavern crawled an emaciated man, some say spirit, that said to the gathered onlookers, "Please, set my kingdom free from its curse and I will bestow it upon you..." before disappearing in the wind. Some claim the man had kingly features and wore a crown that made one of the onlookers very wealthy.

The Cemetery

Steadily growing on the edge of town...

The dearly departed:

  • None yet