Premise and Expectations for a Typical Game

The Premise

Each session begins with the gathered players' characters in a tavern the evening before they embark into the dungeon kingdom. This will be a time for the gathered players to formulate plans and share information.

The focus of this campaign is on exploring the dungeon kingdom. Roleplay and character development will progress naturally from this singular focus - we've seen it before with great success.

Player characters (PCs), are pre-assumed to be on good (enough) terms and fast-friends (or accomplices) in the adventuring trade. There's no strangers in Decantar for long! The expectation is that PCs will work together to explore the dungeon kingdom and extract as much wealth as possible before the end of the session.

At the end of a session PCs will have an opportunity to divide their ill-gotten gains as they see fit amongst each other and perhaps party their cares away by carousing in Decantar for XP.

What is there to do in this campaign?

  • Make friends, rivals, allies, and enemies.

  • Become rich and influential in Decantar.

  • Expect to get maimed and die, permanently. (magic healing exists though!)

  • Discover the mysteries of the dungeon kingdom, set the kingdom free from the curse that grips it and claim it as your own!