Group Info

How it Began...

Fantastic Adventures and Friends was officially formed in the fall of 2019 with the goal of spreading our enjoyment of RPGs with other awesome and open-hearted people.

We've since participated and facilitated in organizing nearly 100 gaming sessions, welcomed dozens of kick-ass-kind-hearted new players and members, and run multiple long-running RPG campaigns by multiple game masters in a shared world of our design. We organize through Slack but meet in person for RPGs, boardgames, and social non-gaming focused hangouts.

predominant game system is Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons using Old-School Essentials (OSE), but we also run other systems such as:

  • 5e D&D

  • Knave

  • Mecha Hack (planned)

  • Monster of the Week

  • Mothership (planned)

  • Ten Candles

  • Thousand Year Old Vampire

Looking to join?