Tor Hallow

Aliases: None

Status: Active

Region: southern part of the Baxram Grasslands, foothills of the Wyndshook Mountains

Type: Township

Denizens: Hogfolk, Humans, Minotaurs

Government: Town Council

Leader: Valja Molsen

Population: ~3000


Settlement on a hilltop surrounded by rolling pastures with the occasional rocky outcrop. Once a thriving mining town and seat to a small king, now mostly a farming village and trading post.


The town was settled in the foothills of the Wyndshook Mountains, resting atop a rocky hillcrest above the River Wynd. It stands as a safe haven from the wild nomads and creatures of the northern Baxram Grasslands.

To the North/Northwest:

To the South:

  • Wyndshook Mountains, 10 miles away

To the Southeast:

  • Shalaray Swamps

To the East:

  • City of Doongaterre, 50 miles away

To the Northeast:

  • Ornic Queendom

  • City of Ornica, 600 miles away

Rumors and Legends

Roughly one year ago, the Ætherwood appeared a mile northwest. The local army and magic experts were sent to figure out where it came from and what it is, but no satisfying conclusions have been made. However, word has gotten around that not only can you make a fortune within the walls, if you can bring out answers, you will be paid handsomely.


Thrusfield (Northeast - Green)

The most welcoming part of town for those coming from the east and the rest of the Ornic Queendom. Has a lively central plaza, surrounded by market stalls, restaurants, and the towering temple of Nabsytt the Yield.

Gocrest (Southeast - Purple)

A deteriorating part of town between the excitement of Thrusfield and the walls of the old castle. Once a district stacked high for the wealthy to be near royalty, now crumbles a slum ignored by bureaucrats.

Boarsbellow (Central - Orange)

Lavish architecture surround the old entrances to the mines. The wealth of the old miners, mostly Hogfolk, has kept this part of town prospering. Unwelcoming to outsiders.

Rivulwah (East of the River - Blue)

Tight alleyways and cramped buildings surround the docks to the shallow River Wynd.

Galh'Aven (West of the River - Gray)

More of an encampment than a real part of town, mostly inhabited by visiting nomadic tribes. Here, the local laws mean less than the visiting customs.