Aliases: Capital City of the Ornic Queendom, The Golden Isle,

Status: Active

Region: Western Continent

Type: City

Denizens: Variety

Government: Queendom

Leader: Queen Hurati

Population: 200,000


A sprawling city around a massive bay, protected by a scattering of islands. Two rivers, one from the northwest, one from the southwest, empty into the bay. At their terminus rests a large craggy island where the elaborate palace sits.

There are many sectors to the city with varying degrees of wealth. Since much of the population lives near some body of water, fishing and trade are prominent throughout. Further inland, farms scatter the immediate countryside. Beyond is a scattering of smaller cities and towns.

A massive mountain range acts as a backdrop to the city running from the northeast to northwest. To the west is a sprawling forest valley cut by the Yoddlay River. Between the two rivers are the rolling Thawney Hills, with the Baxram Grasslands just beyond, expanding westward. The southwestern Farlynx River runs through the Shalary Swamp of the southwest, a place folks only travel to if they have a dire need.


Once a small city to a small queendom. Now, it boasts to be the largest and wealthiest city on the continent.

Rumors and Legends

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