Ornic Queendom

Aliases: The New Golden Empire

Status: Active

Region: Western Continent

Type: Queendom, Empire

Denizens: Variety

Government: Queendom

Ruler: Queen Hurati

Population: 2,000,000


Centuries ago after suffering at the hands of feuding dynasties, a queen decided hers and all future successors would be based on a lottery. This obviously had tremendous support from the commoners. On a queen’s 50th birthday, or death if it is before, any girl age 12-18 may submit their name into the free lottery. Since any female could be the future queen, they all receive tremendous amounts of respect and are given the best education the districts or towns can provide. Traditionally only humans were allowed to submit their names. However the previous queen, originally a farm-girl from a distant part of the queendom with deep respect for other races, opened it up to all. Hurati, a half-orc, won.

Her enthronement resulted in divided feelings from the queendom, yet Hurati has stood proud, known for being compassionate, just, and stern.

Inhabitants and Geography

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Rumors and Legends

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