Aliases: The Three Island Clans

Status: Active

Region: Eastern Continent, West Sea, Mawjaw Bay

Type: Province, Islands

Denizens: Dwarves

Government: Three Earldoms

Leader: Lord Thafouk Arsips

Notable Laws or Customs:

  • A seafaring and mining country

  • Invented and own the only steel ships in the West Sea

Population: 60,000


Dwarvish for "floating stone," Bouylder is a dwarven society that dwells on the craggy isles at the opening of the Ornic Bay. Long ago, they joined the Ornic Queendom when they needed assistance in defeating sea-fairing raiders. Their geological position allows them to act as gate-keepers between the West Sea and the Ornic Bay, a great service the Queendom repays by granting Bouylder certain freedoms other provinces do not have.

Inhabitants and Geography

There are three main islands, controlled by three separate clans. Although they all have equal say, Meglax tends to sway the others as they positioned themselves as the intermediary between the other isles and the rest of the world.

The Three Island Clans


The largest and most populous isle. The Meglax Clan found early prosperity with their shipbuilding prowess. From an early age most in the clan are taught to build, sail, and navigate all sizes of ships. Majority of the Bouylder fleet is built here. Meglaxs often wear the current Ornic styles and fashions.


The smallest, yet wealthiest isle. At its center is a dwarven forge, heated by an active volcano. Some of the purest iron is found on this isle, however most has been excavated by now. Nevertheless, the Zogskug have an uncanny ability of traveling the coast finding rich ore deposits. Zogskugs are recognizable by their fine metal adornments.


A long forestest isle. The Jygmar grow massive cedar trees and shepherd the woolly caribou and giant silkworms. Their focus has always been on making the best ropes and knots. Their ropes are highly coveted by all ships in the Ornic Queendom. Jygmars are recognizable by their intricate braid-work.

Rumors and Legends

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