Baxram Grasslands

Aliases: Land of 100 Wandering Tribes, The Grass Ocean

Status: Active

Region: Western Continent

Denizens: Humans, Hogfolk, Minotaurs, Halflings, Orcs, Centaurs


As long as most can remember, these rolling pastures have been home to a wide variety of nomadic folk and creatures.

Settlements formed over time, mostly in the southern and eastern part of the region. Some grew into small cities. A few produced notable monarchies, however, all fell back to the nomadic ways or were absorbed by the growing Queendom to the east.


Tor Hallow, trading post and farming town in the south

Ætherwood, mysterious forest that appeared just outside of Tor Hallow.


River Wynd, runs from the southern Wyndshook Mountains eventually cutting east to merge with the mighty Farlynx River.

Rumors and Legends

"This land was a massive forest, until the hoofed god came, devouring it all, leaving nothing but short grass for the common folk."

- Local Folklore