Aliases: The Phantom Forest

Status: Active

Region: Baxram Grasslands, Northwest of Tor Hallow

Type: Forest

Denizens: Unknown

Government: Unknown

Ruler: Unknown

Notable Laws or Customs:

  • As imposed by the Queen's Guard:

    • Enter at your own risk, the Queen’s Guard will not rescue you

    • If you wish to remain you and alive, do not stay within the wood for more than 3 hours

    • Nothing alive from the wood is allowed out, unless cleared by the Queen's Guard

    • Gold reward for any information on the origin or intent of the wood

    • Entrance fee is 5gp/person, includes a horn blow every hour

Population: Unknown


Unknown. Appeared a mile south of Tor Hallow a year ago. Called the Ætherwood by the folks of the town since a heavy mist constantly blankets the mysterious forest.

Inhabitants and Geography

A densely packed, dark, old growth forest, approximately 4 miles in diameter with a 13 mile circumference, surrounded by an ancient, moss covered, 13’ high, stone wall.

Monsters and other unusual creatures are said to wander the forest.

Rumors and Legends

Too many to count.