Gamemaster: Colin

Roughly one year ago, the Ætherwood appeared a mile outside of the town of Tor Hallow. The Ornic Queen's Guard and Magic Experts were sent to figure out where it came from and what it is, but no satisfying conclusions have been made.

More recently, some adventurers have gone within and brought out rare and valuable treasures. And word has gotten around that not only can you make a fortune within the walls, if you can bring out answers, you will be paid handsomely.

Ætherwood is played with an open table format, without a defined player group (similar to Barrowmaze and Porto Pinto and the Dungeon Kingdom).

Campaign-Specific Links

  • Ruleset: Custom OSR Rules

    • The goal of this ruleset is to be a classless OSR that still grants characters substantial abilities and skills as they level up.

    • Based on the following rules: Knave; Five Torches Deep; Old School Essentials; Dungeons & Dragons 5e; Exalted, third edition; Cairn.

    • This is a constant work in progress. Design and layout are only temporary. Critical feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Character Sheet

  • Character Creation Guide

Published Adventures/Settings Used

  • So far, entirely homebrewed.

Player Characters

  • Yen Sid

  • Prospero

  • Marv

  • Ashtar, Emperor of Darkness

  • Sebastian Barknuckle, Hamphrey

  • Destro

  • Vibes Cosmic

  • Sterling Ramsworthy

  • Eroan

  • Urist

  • Kira Moonweaver

  • Panobo

  • Drucila

  • Turoso

  • Melon

  • Flem


  • Queen's Guard - Stationed outside the Ætherwood to ensure it does not threaten the Queendom.

  • Tor Hallow Town Guard

  • Tor Hallow Town Council

  • Second Chapter of Ungula - A group of devotees who revived the god-like titan, Ungula

Non-Player Characters

  • Ungula - A god-like titan, quadrupedal, with bovine and porcine features.

  • Timothy (Goblin) - Desires to be a formidable knight.

  • Irrasad (Lamassu)

  • Yinshe (Silver Dragon)

Queen's Guard

  • Sgt. Dalwar Sogtorn (Half-Orc)

  • Lt. Yulfa Danchun (Halfling)

  • Amos Rine (Hogfolk) - toll collector (fired)

  • Svella (Hobgoblin) - toll collector

  • Udo (Orc) - clumsy toll collector


  • Window/Wolar - Executive of the Ætherwood.

  • Two-Tooth Tammy (Skeleton) - Proprietor of the Bottle Drop Bar.

  • Sedonite (Stone Golem) - Blacksmith

Tor Hallow

  • Weller Ulps (Minotaur) - Alchemist, proprietor of the Phoenix Flower

  • Norman (Hogfolk) - Contractor/carpenter

  • Delilah Rine (Hogfolk) - Proprietor of the Bristlin' Thistle Tavern


  • Cog Wasps - comprised of metal, cogs, and oil; these 2' long wasps hunt for metal objects


  • None yet

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