Ancient City State of Mur

Aliases: Seat of the Mageocracy

Status: Active

Region: Eastern Continent

Type: Metropolis

Denizens: Humans, Demi-humans

Government: Interim Council of Mur (previously, the mageocracy)

Ruler: Council led by Queen Galatea (previously The Three, deceased)

Notable Laws or Customs:

Population: ~2.5 million (previously ~3 million)


An unrivaled destination for the trade of magic items and arcane knowledge. The city has been building atop itself for generations and stonework structures spill over each other and shade alleyways below. Tallest of the structures in Mur belong to the bureacrats and mageocracy.

The previous government (known as the mageocracy) not only oversaw rule of the city through a complex bureaucrat ruling class system but also ran many academic institutions, libraries, and even commanded the city guard. The mageocracy was lead by a group of powerful and cursed magic-users known as The Three obsessed with attaining powerful sentient magic items and creating a new god.

When the invasion of giants orchestrated by an alliance with the drow began, The Three used the resulting bloodshed of innocents to feed a captured atropal thousands of souls. The ritual, if successful, would have created a new god of death from the not-yet-godling atropal. A small party of heroes entered the central spire of the mageocracy, interrupted the ritual, and killed The Three.

With the mageocracy removed, Queen Galatea leads a council that is overseeing repairs of the city.

Inhabitants and Geography

The largest city of the Eastern Continent.

Rumors and Legends

  • Built over an ancient castle that belonged to a death knight of Nergal.