Gilligan Lovejoy

Status: Active

Age: 23

Occupation: Adventurer

Class and Level: Acolyte

Alignment: Lawful

Physical Description: Short and unimposing. Disheveled short hair with a hawkish face.

Player: Gabriel S.


A survivor of the fire giant invasion of Mur.

Personality and Traits

Devotee to Helm who wears a holy symbol of The Watcher on a heavy silver chain wrapped around their hand and mace handle. Wears a torn and dirty white cloak over an oxblood leather gambeson. Speaks confidently with a calm demeanor.

Abilities, Magic, and Other Powers

As a devotee to Helm, The Watcher, can perform divine miracles.

  • Bless

  • Detect magic

  • Know aligment

  • Purify

  • Rally

  • Turn undead



Memorable Quotes